In-house Pharmacy

We have a fully stocked pharmacy for all of your pet’s medication needs. The majority of products your veterinarian will prescribe can be filled right here for you to take home. Purchasing medication directly from your veterinarian ensures your pet gets the right products, the correct dosages.

Although there are some drugs in human and veterinary medicine that are similar, dosages for animals may be different than those of people, and veterinarians are familiar with these drugs and their effect on veterinary patients.

Keeping a pharmacy in our veterinary hospital makes it easy to start medications right away and avoid the extra time to go to the pharmacy or large retail store. This also helps keep our fees for medical services affordable, as well as supporting small businesses and our local economy. We appreciate your trust and the relationships we have formed with each one of our clients. Please utilize our Sienna 6 Vet app or call us at 281.710.4268.